Saturday, August 16, 2008

When We Move

At the beach this past week I found myself awake early every morning thanks to my achy, creaky back. One morning my youngest son looked out the expanse of windows at the ocean and exclaimed with wonder, "Mom, what is all that sparkly stuff on top of the water?" I explained to him that what he was seeing was actually a reflection of the sun on the water and that when the water moves, it makes it look sparkly.

As I explained this to him I was struck by this thought: the sun reflecting on still waters is lovely, but the sunlight shining on moving waters is breath-taking. Likewise, we see the reflection of God in many who wear His name and it can be lovely. But when His children live and move in tandem with Him, His reflection sparkles and dances and it is breath-taking indeed. It is not the water that is extraordinary-in the dark of night we take no notice of it. It is the reflection of the sun that fascinates. When He is truly reflected in the life of a son or daughter who dances with Him , those who look upon them will be utterly fascinated by the Son and they will never be the same.