Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Midlife Crisis...On Hold

It occurred to me today that I am middle aged. By definition I suppose that this means I am at the halfway point of my life. If I live to be eighty or more, that is. So I was thinking how I would like to start planning my midlife crisis...you know, lose those extra pounds, drastically change my hair color, buy an expensive sports car (that only seats two) and plan a trip to Europe where I will frivolously roam the English county side, reading poetry and writing the great american novel while I consider if I want to sky dive or bungee jump on my next birthday.

And then it hit me. Even if I were serious I cannot afford my own midlife crises because of this inconvenient recession (or depression or whatever "ession" it really is) and the tiny little fact that we still haven't sold our home in Florida. Not to mention that this recent diversion in our life path has slowed our Dave Ramsey steps to financial freedom so technically, we have a few other goals to reach before I can start my midlife crisis. Not to worry. If, like my grandmother, I live to be ninety-three, then I have approximately six more years to get the party started and begin living recklessly. I hope our house sells soon...there is a black 370 Z with my name on it.


tarabrend January 27, 2009 at 11:33 PM  

Beth Taylor - You are not allowed to define your "crisis" with "mid-life"...Who defines when that begins, and when it ends? And why is the sportscar SOOOOOOO important? I can promise you - wild colored hair can happen at ANY time in life (and can be very fun, and very temporary); I WILL be skydiving one of these days; and you WILL live for a VERY long time - if only because of your very dry wit.

BUT...if you do get that 2-seater, I'd really like to go for a ride!