Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Jumbles

--Nothing strikes terror in the heart of any self-respecting woman quite like the first appointment with a new hairdresser. I realize how shallow this sounds, but it is just true and my date with destiny is Tuesday afternoon. I will revisit this topic here next week with my head either held high, smiling or cast down, covered with my favorite hat.

--If you would like a well-written, tear-inducing read then get a copy of Elizabeth Noble's, Things I Want My Daughters to Know. Having lost my own mother to cancer just over a year ago, this was especially gut-wrenching, but I needed it. Always, it is so good to read. Sometimes, it is so good to cry.

--Fav quote of the week: "Changing things-pushing the envelope and creating a future that doesn't exist yet (at the same time you're criticized by everyone else)-requires bravery." --Seth Godin

--If you neglect to comb your Yorkie for, oh, I don't know...two or maybe three months, it will take a solid hour to get the nasty matted hair wads out of his coat when you finally do get around to it. This will cause you to sweat profusely so allow enough time for the shower that you will need when the job is done.

--I am a die-hard Florida State fan and my husband is a die-hard Georgia fan, but I must confess to watching the game last night with great hope for the Gators. And I was glad they won. Truth be told, I still don't like the Gators at all, but I have great respect for Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow and so I want to see them win. As long as the 'Noles or the 'Dawgs aren't involved.

--And finally, I must confess to my new-found obsession with "The Office". I missed the first few seasons and so have only been watching it for a few months, but Santa brought the first four seasons on DVD to our house so I have been majorly indulging! It all makes so much more sense now, and the thing between Jim and Pam....aahhh, I just love it!


Kelly Bell January 9, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

I always hate going to a new hairdresser! I remember waiting until holidays and trips back to Tarpon to get my hair done so I could delay finding one in Tallahassee.

And you HAVE to watch The Office from the's the only way to truly appreciate it!