Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Jumbles

Wow...last week of 2008!

--I can honestly say that I never thought at the beginning of 2008 I would be where I am now. I am totally looking forward to what God will do in 2009.

--I watched The Biggest Loser last night and, I'm not gonna lie, I cried like a little baby. I love to see people reach goals and have their dreams come true.

--And speaking of weight loss, if you need to jump start a weight loss plan for 2009, I can recommend an unforgettable stomach virus that will give you that much needed momentum.

--Okay, I am just was a horrible stomach virus, but I can honestly say that Immodium can be a gift straight from God.

--Gotta give a shout out to my Georgia Bulldogs who pulled out a win in their bowl game yesterday. It was touch and go for a while and I honestly thought my husband was going to turn in his red and black, but thankfully they managed a win so my husband gets to keep his 48 t-shirts, 12 pairs of gym shorts and all of the mugs in our kitchen.

--I am believing that our house is going to sell this month. This is the month! Please be praying with us for this miracle.