Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Jumbles

--So, my appointment with the new hairdresser turned out great and I have not had to hang my head in shame. I did find it a little unnerving when he started out by telling me that prior to pursuing a career in the dressing of hair, he was a construction worker. But then he proceeded to massage my scalp as he washed my hair and suddenly I didn't care if he had been a terrorist or one of The Village People.

--I discovered this week that I would have an easier time securing a seat in Congress than getting my sixteen-year-old son a Georgia driver's license since he has a Florida learner's permit. After having driven in this fine state for the better part of my forty years, I would have sworn that they handed those licenses out like candy, but apparently I was wrong.

--FYI: My thirteen-year-old son announced last night that if a drug is FDA approved, that means that it won't kill you today.

--Breakaway Retreat starts today and I am more than a little excited to gather with so many friends and "family" and just be in God's presence together. If you are unfamiliar with Breakaway and Family Discipleship Ministries, then check us out here. There is always room for more!

--Fav quote of the week comes from my friend Erica's blog. She had a great post this week on being homesick. "Contentment is so hard, even when you have a thousand reasons for it." I hate that I struggle with this in my life, but I love that I am not alone. Thanks for your transparency, Erica.

--And speaking of transparency, I am feeling overwhelmed by some circumstances in my own life right now. Most of the time it helps to remind myself of the many others I know who are dealing with much greater challenges than my own. But today...not so much.

--And finally, how about last night's latest episode of The Office? There is nothing like a duel over a woman. Especially a woman as rude and unappealing as Angela. Boggles the mind. She deserves to be dumped by both terminally creepy men. And that's all I have to say about it.