Monday, October 13, 2008

Inspiration Buffet

Many of the bloggers I read have posted notes from each of the Catalyst speakers.  Rather than do that, I am going to offer a tasty sampling of the high points (in my opinion, of course) from some of the speakers that truly spoke to my soul:

Tim Sanders:
   -A true leader gauges reality and gives hope.

Seth Godin:
   -Positive deviants: you have to do something people can criticize.
   -Become heretics! (person who holds controversial opinions in an area)
   -A heretic is someone whose faith is so deep, they are willing to endure the criticism of the status quo.
   -Heretics don't let the rules of religion get in the way of their faith.

William Young:
   -Can you get through your theological paradigms that don't work but you hold on to?
   -Many Christians have a problem with the book's depiction of the Trinity as a circle of relationship rather than a chain of command.  God is inviting us into His circle!
   -God has an affection that is relentless in our direction.

Jim Collins:
   -A "to-do" list without a "stop doing" list shows a profound lack of discipline.
   -Invest your time in being "interested" rather than "interesting".

Steven Furtick:
   -God is preparing you for what He is preparing for you.
   -Don't forget the promise and forfeit the payoff because you fainted in the process.

Andy Crouch:
   -There is something that you can create in our culture that may otherwise go undone.

Andy Stanley:
   -Pay attention to the people who are breaking the rules.  It is the rule-breakers who are often 
        the problem-solvers.

Yum yum!  Hope you enjoyed the random sampling from the feast that is Catalyst.


Beckie October 13, 2008 at 12:23 PM  

wow, Beth! Those are some great tidbits!!! I'm so glad you got to go.