Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Jumbles

Thoughts from the edge:

--Toilet paper update: because I know you care, we are STILL using up the last of the John Wayne toilet paper. But I dream of a place called Charmin...

--Our Christian Heritage Church annual ladies conference begins tonight. Can't wait to hear Lee Grady speak. If you cannot be here then get his books here.

--I am enjoying an interesting read right now called, "Is God On America's Side?" by Erwin Lutzer. It is very eye-opening. If you would like a copy, go here.

--I always thought waiting for your unborn child to arrive was nerve-wracking, but I think waiting for your house to sell in a sluggish economy may be worse, although easier on your back.

--It is a good idea to limit how many Raisinettes you eat at one time. However, eating too many is a great way to use up all that awful toilet paper you have sitting around. Hhhhmmmm...maybe I will slip some into the family's meatloaf tomorrow....

--Erwin McManus says, "When you are passionate about God, you can trust your passions." This is so very freeing, don't you think?

--I am swearing off Nyquil. I took some last night at bedtime and four hours later I was wide awake and wondering why I had dreamed that all of my teeth fell out. If I am going to drink alcohol-laden cold remedies, I want to sleep ALL night. And keep my teeth, thank you very much.