Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Jumbles

--Sexist Observation #341: It is physically impossible for male children to actually get their dirty clothes INTO the dirty clothes basket, even in a well-lit and uncluttered laundry room. I have no experience with female children. If you have no children yet, it is best to begin lowering your expectations now.

--If you have a minute, check out Tim Stevens blog from yesterday. It is obnoxiously in your face and I usually have a deep appreciation for that.

--Fav quote of the week: "Halloween is just an excuse for women to dress like prostitutes. You know it totally is." Jim Gaffigan

--Confession: I might have previously exaggerated just a teensy bit on how often I get shopping carts with broken wheels. However, since I first posted about it in my blog, I swear it has happened EVERY TIME I have gone to Walmart. Must be some communist-buggy-sabbotage-conspiracy-thingy!

--Another linky dink...check out Eddie's blog from last Friday. Truly rocked our little world.

--Still praying for our house to sell. I'm not gonna lie...I am about a quart low on faith today. I really shouldn't be in light of the aforementioned occurence in Eddie's blog. What can I say? I am painfully human.

--I raked leaves yesterday. I think that everyone that winds up in hell will most likely be raking leaves for the rest of eternity. Either that or cleaning grout. It's a toss-up.

--If the stars align just right then perhaps our beloved Georgia Bulldogs will actually beat Florida on Saturday. You can stop laughing now!!


crashsystems October 31, 2008 at 12:27 PM  

I've been thinking recently that we do not have a housing crisis, we have a mortgage crisis. If we could find a way around mortgages, the problem would be solved.

Here is an idea (not completely original, I admit). Cut the bank out of the process, and make a deal directly between seller and buyer. The seller sells the house for 1.5 x current market value, and agrees with the seller on a certain interest-free payment plan.

The seller wouldn't get all the money up front, but in the end would be making .5 times more than if the buyer got a mortgage. At the same time, the buyer would be saving a tone of money. Also, if the buyer needed all the money up front, then they could take their contract between them and the buyer, and fine someone willing to purchase the contract at a 15% to 25% discount.

Everyone wins, even though the bank looses.