Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Jumbles

--This week at Giant Perspectives, one of the leadership blogs I read, Jeremie Kubicek had a great, short video perspective on Followership. I have always said that an effective leader must first become a loyal and faithful follower. But he says it better. Take two or three minutes and check out what he has to say about it.

--Fav quote of the week: "I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult." ~Rita Rudner

--It has been a fun-filled week at the Taylor house. Our van broke down. Again. Our lawnmower completely bit the dust. We bought a new lawnmower. And one of the computers crashed. My big man fixed the computer. I love my big man. And I have been sick with a yucky cold most of the week. My friend and lover, Nyquil, has totally let me down every single night and I am remembering fondly the days when I could breathe through my nose. Return to me, dear, open nasal passages, return to me!

--Even worse than the above events of the past week is the fact that I just learned that our dead lawnmower was self-propelled. SELF-PROPELLED! This little piece of information would have come in handy years ago....

--My youngest son turned 10 this past Wednesday and I was suddenly jolted by the reality that I can no longer blame this extra twenty pounds I carry on the fact that "I just had a baby." Great! Now what will I say.......

Do have a lovely holiday weekend. I will most likely spend mine at the pharmacy looking for a new decongestant. Thank you and amen.


Kelly Bell May 22, 2009 at 9:19 AM  

You should try mucinex. I have never used it but people rave about it. Benadryl cold and allergy or sinus (something like that) has worked great for me at night time. Helps you sleep through the night and you can actually breathe! Hope you feel better soon!