Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Jumbles

--Fav quote of the week: "Solitude brings me back to a simplicity of spirit, an inner poverty that I need in order to clear room inside. It allows me to empty myself out, so there is gracious space within where I can receive myself, then God, and eventually others." -Sue Monk Kidd

--If you usually ignore links to other blogs/websites, please don't ignore this one. Click here and go read what Bruce Goddard wrote this week. It is beautiful. I don't actually know Bruce, but I do know his sister, Kikki, and her three kids that all hail from my hometown in South Georgia. He has such a special way of describing small town life and the commonality of the human experience. Do check it out.

--I know I have said it here before, but it bears repeating. Please get your heart right with God because if you do not, I am pretty sure that you will spend all of your hellacious eternity raking leaves and spreading mulch. I can't find it in Scripture, but I am 97.6 % sure that it is true- eternal damnation involves any lawn tool with a long handle and something heavy at the end of it. And I don't say this because I just spent two full days working in my yard. Sheer coincidence.

--I am sad to report that I have lost something very dear to me. Because I am a bit of a neat freak (those who know me can hold their rude comments, thank you very much), I seldom lose anything. Except occasionally my sense of decorum. But let's face it... you don't live as the only female among three large, hairy males and one small, prepubescent male and come away unaffected. I digress. I have lost my recipes. I know I packed them when we left Georgia (or did I ????) but I cannot find them anywhere and now I feel lost. Alone. Hopeless. Whatever will we eat? My grandmother's fudge pie recipe, my great grandmother's biscuit recipe, my high school Health Occupations teacher's chocolate chip cake recipe....all gone. *sigh* All this on the heels of having to spread two truckloads of mulch! I may need an intervention.

--And finally, I will be spending this weekend with an incredible team of people down in Bradenton, Florida putting the finishing touches on plans for the 2009 Kids Aflame Camp. If you have never heard of it, then click here and check it out. You won't find a better kids camp anywhere so if your church is looking for somewhere to take kids that will change their lives, this is it!

Now go forth and have a restful weekend. Love from Taylortown!