Monday, July 21, 2008

Crack Anyone?

You know, everyone does crack. The question is, what is your crack? For some it is a five dollar cup of popular culture from Starbucks. For others it is some mind-numbing moments in front of the television because who doesn't need some "reality tv" at the end of your reality-filled day? For others it might be a quick trip through cyberspace or maybe just a nice nap. Me? Well, I like to unwind by doing just what I am doing right now. I love to write and, while I await the day that some publisher deems me worthy, I will be content to blog because at least that way I know that tens of people are reading what I write. It doesn't pay the bills yet but, oh, one fine day it will!

My second favorite crack is reading (if you are one of my tens of faithful readers, you already know this) and I usually get my daily fix of this"literary crack" at night. When taking a long trip in the car my crack of choice is original flavor Bubble Yum. I put a huge piece (or two) in my mouth and attempt to chew it and talk to my family while trying not to drool on myself. Dark chocolate is another provocative bit of crack in which I indulge on a regular basis, and by regular I do mean daily. Now, none of the things that I call "crack" and that I heartily endorse are dangerous or even particularly addictive. They just help me to enjoy my life a little more. This is perfectly alright. Sadly, I miss the time when spin class at 6:00 am was my crack. The only place I can now afford to exercise does not offer spin class and I do miss it because it made my daily "chocolate crack" habit less dangerous to my thighs.

None of this really matters in the grand scheme of things but I like to write about trivial things from time to time because, you guessed it, it relaxes me. And so I hope you enjoyed this little bit of "literary crack" need to search the sofa cushions for loose change or sell one of your children to pay for it. It's on me.