Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today I was reading a Tim Sanders blog about the amount of paper we waste in America. Sanders has become very earth-conscious and, while I am sure I should be too, I'm just not right now. I am more preoccupied with things like what my three sons are doing with our power tools in the front yard and why one of them is running in to get the camera. I digress. Sanders discussed the extra junk (ads, coupons, legal notices) that is found on the pages we are printing from websites, causing us to waste unnecessary amounts of paper and thus our natural resources. Please forgive me as I wax philosophical for a moment, but I couldn't help thinking of our lives which, like those pages, are so often crowded with extra stuff that means little to us and wastes our personal resources (time, energy, money, did I mention time?). Maybe we should work on shaping our lives into the more "printer-friendly" version, streamlined and focused and clutter-free. I am really trying to do this so that I can live big yet focused, significant yet simple that I might be free from busyness and, ultimately, regret.