Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jobs I've Had

-Retrieving straight pins off of the floor at Churchwells' Department Store (my grandmother paid me a penny per pin while she shopped)
-Babysitter (beginning at age 11 until, well, now)
-Lawn maintenance (the summer between 11th & 12th grade...I lifted my mower in and out of the trunk of my grandmother's old, blue Nova a thousand times and I had a great tan)
-Alligator Billy (yes, I dressed up in a huge alligator suit for the Clean Community Commission in Waycross, Georgia)
-Easter Bunny (once again, I dressed up in a huge bunny suit, small children screaming helplessly in my lap while having their picture made at the mall)
-Waitress (Golden Corral Steak House)
-Waitress (Shoneys...three days...couldn't memorize the menu)
-Jewelry sales (Great Southern Gold & Diamond Market...high quality jewelry, my friends)
-Used bookstore clerk (could things get any worse?)
-Christmas elf (at the Santa photo booth at the mall...will I ever graduate from college?)
-Nanny (I didn't know three-year-olds could pee in their pants so much)
-School teacher -3rd grade (thank God -I finished college!)
-Babysitter, again (call it regression, but I wanted to stay at home with my own kids)
-Conference speaker (great fun AND great pay...I could get used to that)
-Pastor (pays slightly better than babysitting)
-Writer (okay, no paycheck yet, but I wear the title proudly regardless)

You learn a lot about someone from the jobs they have held. Where has your path taken you and who are you now??