Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making Room For Creativity-Part 1

In an earlier post I wrote about the importance of making room in your life for your creative gifting(s). Everyone has the ability to create in some form or fashion because we are made in the image of God, the ultimate Creator. But what if you are unsure of your own creative abilities? Maybe you have wished all of your life that you could sing, paint or play an instrument like someone else that you admire. Those are beautiful gifts to be sure, but there is a much broader horizon on the sea of creative talents than just those more recognized abilities. Rather than try to make some exhaustive list of viable creative giftings, let me instead ask you one question. If money, time and circumstances were not obstacles for you, what would you want to do? What is the passion(s) of your heart?

I call this the hot button question and I LOVE to ask people to answer it. Very often the answer to this question will help you to identify your creative gift or at least guide you into an area where you may discover some hidden creativity. Perhaps you have never entertained such a question and you don't have an immediate answer. You are not alone. Many people get so caught up in earning a living that they lose touch with who they really are, what ignites their soul. If that is the case, take some time and let your heart out of it's cage and see where it takes you.

Knowing what you love to do is step one. Making room in your life for it is the next step. Over the next few days I am going to write a series of posts on making room in your life for your creative gifts. I hope you will come back so we can explore it together.

So tell me...what is the passion of your heart??


Rachel March 3, 2009 at 3:23 PM  

A simple question but I'm afraid I have no simple answer. I would like to say that writing is my passion but I'm not sure I belive that is true. I think my passion is more rooted in the creation of a thing, an idea, even. I feel most alive when I in that proccess, creating a painting, an essay, a poem, a song, even dinner, for goodness sake. But sometimes I feel so overtaken by it, the creative process, I mean, so choose the other, pragmatic and perhaps safer path. It doesn't fulfull the longing, but it does pay the bills. Such is life.