Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Jumbles

Here are my yummy thoughts for the week:

--If you drop a pyrex mixing bowl onto a ceramic tile floor, it shatters into a kajillion pieces.

--If you drop a dirty pyrex mixing bowl coated in mayonnaise and cream of chicken soup onto a ceramic tile floor, it, and your heart, shatter into a kajillion pieces.

--Brooms cannot sweep up tiny shards of glass coated in mayonnaise and cream of chicken soup.

--Great quote: "Lion chasers are humble enough to let God call the shots and brave enough to follow where He leads." --Mark Batterson

--I am going to have to agree with my son, Jacob. Algebra sucks. Algebra 2? The same but even louder. This is not open for debate.

--I was supposed to spend this weekend with my sister, who lives in South Carolina, pretending together that Saturday is just another day and not the 1 year mark of our mothers' death. Tropical storm Hanna has ruined this. I hate Hanna.

--People who say that they don't believe in soul mates say so because they still haven't met theirs.


Rachel September 5, 2008 at 8:55 PM  

Growing up at our house, the tile always gave us two bounces to catch the glass before it shattered into a billion pieces. The sad fact of it is it's incredibly hard to catch a bouncing glass. I think I only managed it once. I was very proud. And I must object to your Algebra comment. Algebra is beautiful!