Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Classic Christian

Today is my 25th birthday!! On September 3, 1983, at the tender age of fifteen, I went down to the altar at a Petra concert and prayed with Greg Volz to receive Christ, snot-crying like a little baby and dang glad I wasn't going to be empty anymore. And it has been a "saddle up my horse, what's gonna happen next?, You want me to do what?" adventure ever since! Wow!

I passed by a classic car show not long ago and was shocked to see that some of the cars on the lot were cars that my friends drove in high school. What??!! Eddie was good enough to enlighten me with the revelation knowledge that a car becomes "classic" when it reaches 25 years old. So, I guess that makes me a "classic Christian" today. When I was fifteen I would imagine what I would be like at the place I am now and I remember thinking how wise I would probably be when I got to be old and forty. Silly me. I don't feel so very wise. With each passing year I just grow more thankful that He loves me and more keenly aware of how desperately I need God. Hmmmm. I guess that is wisdom.