Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Odd things that I like:

-sappy chick flicks
-rainy days
-when the phone doesn't ring
-being alone
-hating cheese
-the Weather Channel
-Barry Manilow (yep, I really do!)
-Free Credit commercials
-conflict resolution at any cost
-taking a book with me when I leave the house-always
-women planting churches (happens all over the globe where no one has told them they can't!)
-to-do lists
-killing sacred cows (LOVE it!!)
-destroying stereotypes (yes, it's spelled right and it is the best blog out there!)
-Johnny Depp (because he dares to exist outside the box)
-telling people the truth
-a gotta shoot for something
-talking to old people (they are a hidden treasure)
-not reading blogs that are just diaries or brag sheets

Life is so great and so worth the trouble. I like being me and being a little odd...what makes you odd??? Find out and love yourself for it!


Rachel May 1, 2008 at 10:28 AM  

Loved the blog.

I always knew you were a freak. I am too - a closet freak. Thanks for cracking the door a bit.