Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Nod to Books

I know, I know...I'm repeating myself, but honestly, aren't some things worth repeating? So, where have I been lately? Spring Break, of course. I took some time off of work while school was out and, yes, I will admit it, I have been reading. I read a book by Dave Barry (one of my favorite humorists) called A History of the Millennium So Far. Very funny! I also read a biographical work by Nicholas Wapshott called Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: a Political Marriage. This was a great book that highlighted their political and personal friendships. If you never take time to read biographies, you are missing out. I know we all have our personal preferences where books are concerned, but biographies open up a whole new world of experience and thought. They make how I view others more three-dimensional and full-color. I enjoy reading teaching books and I love the way they stretch my mind and my perspective, but sometimes I just need a good piece of fiction or a biography to “cleanse the intellectual pallet”. You will be surprised by how much better your own writing (even if only blogging)will become when you fill your spare time with quality books. If I sound like a broken record, then forgive me…and go grab a book!