Thursday, May 1, 2008

But Wait...There's More!

More Odd Things I Like...

-sleeping in a pitch dark room (would someone shoot out that street light?!)
-wearing no shoes
-getting my taxes done in January or February
-whipped cream on my mocha frap from Starbucks (I know it is trendy to avoid fat & calories, but if I'm forking out 4 bucks for a single beverage-drinking experience then, oh yeah, I'm gettin' my cream on!!)
-the unknown
-looking at other people's wedding albums
-keeping my kitchen junk drawer organized (peel an orange, my messy friends, and tell me He is not a God of order)
-dictionaries...why not spell it correctly??
-cold weather (have you LIVED in Florida in the summer??)
-having to wait for a train to pass by (I love you, Waycross, Georgia!!!)
-hardware stores...freshly-cut lumber should be a perfume fragrance
-paying the toll for the car behind me
-my exterminator (again, have you LIVED in Florida in the summer??)
-biographies-so much to learn from another's road to greatness
-a new pack of gel pens--I really do take such joy in the simple things

If we can accept all that is eccentric in ourselves then maybe we can allow others the room to be exactly who they are. Nobody is really normal, after all.


Eddie Taylor May 1, 2008 at 11:25 AM  

I love you! You are simply the best. Very funny and very you.