Monday, February 23, 2009

Arriving Is A Wonder

Most pictures of Jesus that I have ever seen are pretty cheesy. But I really like this one. It is exactly where I am living right now. If there could be a drawing before this one, it would show the child on the floor at Jesus' feet, kicking and screaming and throwing a giant hissy fit. That would be exactly where I was living up until recently.

I heard someone say that a Christian should "nestle, not wrestle and snuggle, not struggle." I really like that, too. When you can cuddle up into the purpose and plan of God for your life, it is a great relief. Just like after a good cry, when your lungs are still heaving and your breathing is uneven, there is a sense of peaceful relief that settles over a surrendered will. Getting there may be a struggle, but arriving is a wonder.