Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where Freedom Is Found

This is a picture that my Daddy took recently while standing in his backyard on the St. John's River in St. Augustine, Florida. It would have been pretty beautiful to have one Bald Eagle land on his dock, but two, well, that just doesn't happen every day.

Or does it? Actually, the American Bald Eagle, our National Emblem signifying our freedom as a nation, mates for life and so, if you pay attention, it is not unusual to find two together. I love that. Because Jesus mates for life with His Bride and, if we pay attention, He can be found near His Bride. Near you. And near me. I love that our Father in Heaven is with us always. And because He is our freedom, it, too, is with us always. Sometimes we just don't see it. We lose sight of Him and Who He really is. But because He loves us so desperately, He will land beside us, His mirror image, and remind us that the freedom we wrestle with was already extravagantly paid for and ours for the taking. Freedom wasn't won on American soil in one quick took our forefathers much sacrifice and many years. And though our freedom in Christ has already been won, it takes years sometimes to see it, to embrace it, to live in it fully. And it is worth every moment. Don't throw down your hat and walk away defeated, friend. If you have been searching for freedom in an area of your life and you just don't see it, cease your striving and land somewhere and wait. And when you turn your head and look, you will find it right beside you. He is there. He is always there.