Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lessons from the Kennel

I have a three-year-old Yorkie who answers to the name Kramer and looks something like a feather duster. He is a five pound powerhouse of barking and charging but when he finally surrounds his helpless prey, he only licks and sniffs. Sometimes I call him a stupid little dust bunny, to his face, but I always use a nice tone so he just licks me as if I have bestowed some great honor upon him. The thing about my little mutt is that he knows me so well. He anticipates my every move and is always careful not to get in my way. As soon as he sees me sit somewhere he races to me so he can cuddle up in my lap, staking his claim as the favorite in the house. And he expects only good things from me. He sits expectantly upon returning from his dirty deed in the yard knowing that a treat awaits his obedience and, on the occasions that I must chastise him, he rolls over on his back and faces me, taking it like a man.
Would to God that I could consistently relate to my Lord in the way that my little fuzzball relates to me. Psalm 32:8 says "I will give you knowledge, teaching you the way to go; my eye will be your guide." If I keep my gaze locked in on His face, His eyes, I will know all that I need to know. If, like Kramer, I would expect only good from my Master, and sit before Him, waiting with confidence for the rewards that will come from Him, well, surely that is the essence of the "peace that passes all understanding." I know we were given dominion over the animals, but sometimes I could swear that my dog is wiser than I!