Thursday, September 13, 2007

This thing called blogging

I originally posted this on another site on June 8, 2007...
I just can't get over this cyber fixation on blogging. Blogging, by any other name, is still just writing. In fact, it is just journaling and I have been doing this "amazing" activity since I learned to write, sometime in kindergarten. I have always used archaic implements such as paper and a pen, which by modern standards are not nearly as exciting as a keyboard made of plastic. And, of course, journals of old were not for public consumption except perhaps posthumously. I suppose ordinary things made public are of greater interest. Take sex for example. Sex behind closed bedroom doors has been happening uneventfully since the dawn of mankind, but put it up on a big screen, accompanied by huge tubs of popcorn, and charge way too much money and then you've REALLY got something interesting. People come in droves to see that! So those of us who have been "blogging" privately for decades in the privacy of our own homes are now being encouraged by the computer literate to blog. "You should is such fun...have you tried it?" To those folks I would like to say, "Why yes, for longer than you have been living and I have mountains of old journals filling my closets to prove it."
In truth, I am happy for the nou veau writers out there who, though mistaken in their belief that blogging is a new invention, are finding satisfaction in the written word. One day I hope to get paid for this great medium known as writing and, until then, I blog, I journal, I write and my heart is happy!